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All of Garden

All of Garden

All of Garden is a fancy restaurant.


Halcyon Resorts

BunTech is a company that produces computers, smartphones, tablets and other electronics.

Catbunny Cafe

Catbunny Cafe is a coffe shop where you can also spend time with the shop's catbunnies.


Couture. is Jane's clothing store, where she sells hre high-end couture dresses. Some of them can be seen in pt.51

Drag Queen Chicken

Drag Queen Chicken

Drag Queen Chicken is a store in Central Area that sells high-end couture dresses. The store is owned by Tim and he works there together with his friend Scarlett who also makes jewelry to go with Tim's dresses. All Tim's dresses can be found here.

Edgar's Art Gallery

Edgar owns and art gallery in Central Area of Ä+*4~.

Halcyon Resorts

Halcyon Resorts

Halcyon resorts is a company owned by Richard and his son Andrej. The resorts include a hotel and beach resort in Central Area of Ä+*4~, a pool in Living Area and pool and spa in Rich Area, and a vacation resort in Fairy Gardens.


I-mejl is a popular e-mail service.

Inconvenience Store

A store is owned by Inconvenience Store Guy, who works there together with his friend, Prostitute. The store is located in Central Area and is despite its convenient location known for being quite inconvenient. If you go to this store, you probaby won't get what you were looking for. In fact, you might just get scammed.

Jus Du Eet

Jus Du Eet is a company that produces sports equiptment.


Jutub! logo

Jutub! is an online serivce that lets people upload and watch videos. It features everything from people's home videos to official channels of bands to upload their music videos, and of course many channels for movies and various shows. It features such channels as Peter's channel for his movies, Nina's  gaming channel, official channel of Metal Sheep and JURE! and the others for their music, and of course, Plaid Sweater Guy and Tammy's  official Ä+*4~ news channel.


KaKaDu is a popular social media.

Mental Hospital

Mental Hospital is a place where Therapist's office can be found. It's a place where moles go to find help with their mental health issues or any other problems they encounter in life.



Occam's is a company that produces razors. Their razors are sharp as a razor.

Peep'Hole inc.


Peep'Hole inc. is a company owned by John and his daughter Andreja, that sells different more or less practical items. It gained its sucess with selling Peep Holes, but soon branched out and started selling other items, such as Musical singing rock and metal bar from 3-LII, sunscreen and sunglasses that actually work from pt.50. It has a few of it's stores in town that sells a variety of good quality products at cheap prices.


Pullover logo

Pullover is an online database of all clothes. It is popular tool among fashion designers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts to create outfits and share them with other people.


~Ä^~$>@ is a popular and good quality brand of electronics, especially smartphones.

Secret Agency

Agents work in the Secret Agency under the guidance of their boss. In its secret headquarters they observe people and look for anything out of ordinary from crime to paranormal events. They have an extensive archive where the store records of all of their findings.

[Benjamin's Drug mlm]

This is a Multi Level Marketing scheme owned by Benjamin. The company is trading drugs.He runs his business from a drug store in T@Ö#Ä3

[Jade's Hair Salon]

Jade owns a hair salon in the Central Area of Ä+*4~. She got it as a gift from Andrej, and she works there together with Thomas.