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Landmarks and Special Buildings

Abandoned Mental Hospital | Central Park | Dead Garden | End of the World | Graveyard Hideout | Mountain Fortress | Noise Chamber ("The Chamber") | Pyramids | Temple of Holy Glitter | Temple of the Holy Satan | Temple Ruins (with Gates of Hell) | Towers to Heaven | Townsquare

Abandoned Mental Hospital

In Wasteland of T@Ö#Ä3, among the abandoned old buildings, there is also an abandoned mental hospital. It is used in the reality show Hospital for Souls.

Central Park

Central Park is a park in Central Area of Ä+*4~.

Dead Garden

Dead Garden is a garden in fairy gardens that has been dead for a long time. We're not yetsure why

End of the World

End of the World

End of the world is a place on top of the Cliffs marked with a sign. It's the very edge of the world, and if you fall off, you will fall forever into oblivion. Or just fall until you fall back to the same place. Either way.

Graveyard Hideout

Graveyard Hideout

This is a place somewhere in the graveyard where the dead who escaped Hell gather.

Mountain Fortress

Deep inside of the mountains there's a fortress built into the mountain where Glitter God and Glitter Satan live. The fortress is most known for its judgement room that often appears in comics.

Noise Chamber ("The Chamber")

Noise Chamber, or sometimes also called "The Chamber" is a special punishment room.



Pyramids lie in the desert. They were presumably built by aliens, but no one is sure why. Inside each pyramid there is a labyrinth with strange paintings on walls.

Temple of Holy Glitter

Temple of the Holy GlitterTemple of the Holy Glitter inside

Temple of Holy Glitter is a place dedicated to worshipping Glitter God. There are many temples in towns, but they all are traditionally a round building, decorated in pink and gold colors, with tulips and golden catbunny statues.

Temple of the Holy Satan

Temple of the Glitter Satan is a place dedicated to worshiping Glitter Satan.

Temple Ruins (with Gates of Hell)

Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins are remains of an old temple that stand on top of the Cliffs in T@Ö#Ä3. There's not much left of it but the stone arch with a bell, that serves as the gates of hell. It is guarded by Guardian of the Gates of Hell.

Towers to Heaven

Towers to Heaven

Towers to haven are located in a hidden area of Fairy Gardens. Only Glitter God and fairies are allowed to acces themand use them to go to Heaven.

Town Square

Town Square is in the centre of Central Area of Ä+*4~. It's a place where all the important events and festivals take place as well as Town Square Shows