About the World


Apocalypse | BDSM Army | Corpse Basement | Crime & Punishment | Religion | Transportation | Weddings


This wold is buils on the rmains of the Old World, that ended with the event of an asetroid crashing into the world.


As every great nation, our world also has a formodable army. This is BDSM army, known for wearing BDSM-style outfits. However, the army doesn't do much fighting, battles their enemies in a gme of chess. The army includes pole dancers and carriers of ther signature flags and relies on chain rattling to intimidate their enemy. No one knows what might happen if they were to capture their enemies and take them to their sex dungeons that probably exist.

Corpse Basement

Corpse basements are a thing in T@Ö#Ä3. Will add more later.

Crime & Punisment

When moles commit crimes, it's only a matter of time when they will be tracked down by the agents of the Secret Agency. Then they are taken to Glitter God, who judges them and punishes them according to their crime. Smaller crimes usually go unpunished, but more serious crimes are usually punished with plaid sweater or other methods.


The religion of Glittergoth is divided in people who worship Glitter God, pepole who worship Glitter Satan and people who worsip both equally. There is also a small sect of orthodox narcissists, who believe that in order to properly worship gods, one must worship their greatest creation: oneself. They often also marry themselves. They rely heavily on the teachings of the Glitter Bible.
People worship their gods in Temple of the Holy Glitter and Temple of the Holy Satan. They go there to pray and talk to gods about the hardsips in their lives, ask for help, thank them for good things, and make offerings.


Moles like to travel around with differend modes of transportation. Althouh they have cars, not many moles own one. They find in much more convenient to travel by bus or train. Some richer moles also have ships to sail out to the sea for a vacation.


Moles take their relationships very seriously and have two types of weddings: a romantic wedding and a BFF wedding.

A romantic wedding is a wedding between two people in love. It forms a life long bond between a man and a woman, two men, two women, oneself, or a person and a object. At a wedding, the bride and the groom traditionally chose between 4 potential partners, to get the last chance to change their mind and pick the person they really want to spend the rest of their life with.
In T@Ö#Ä3, there is also a known tradition of one of the people getting married "buying" the other one from their parents.

BFF wedding is a wedding between two friends, making them best friends forever. The friends traditionally exchange friendsip bracelets that they made themselves.