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4 Scarletts

4 Scarletts

4 Scarletts is a string quartet created by Scarlett, Paloma Negra and 2 other members who also dress up as Scarlett.

Dirt Snake

Dirt Snake PosterDirt Snake Logo

Dirt Snake is a band with two members: Sam and Ella. They are known for creating a unique music genre: danger music. Danger music is based on the belief that some music can and will hurt the listener or the performer. Their performances usually consist of outlandish stunts and literal reanacments of other bands' lyrics, that result in serious injuries or even death of the band's members.

JURE! and the others

JURE! and the others poster

JURE! and the others is a band created by Andrej, Jure, Simon and Tadej, as Andrej's idea to make some extra money. They are known for their creative lyrics, written by Jure.

Metal Sheep

Metal Sheep posterMetal Sheep posterMetal Sheep logoMetal Sheep logo

Metal Sheep is a band originally formed by Nina, Tim and Cereal Killer, but later they expanded by adding Tina and members of JURE! and the othersJure and Tadej. They won a Golden Bald Mermaid Award in 1-XXII, and are also creators of their very own genre called ukulele screamo, that is presented and explained in 5-VIII. Andrej and Jure are also official unofficial backup memebers of Metal Sheep, in case any of the members for whatever reason can't make it to the concert or any other band activity. Or so I'm told.

Pierce the Sirens

Pierce the Sirens logo

Pierce the Sirens are a band known for their overly long song titles that have nothing to do with the song.

Music Genres

There are several music genres such as: Danger Music Indie Disco