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PLANTS: Decorative plants | Tulip | Star Flower | TREES: Golden Tree


Decorative Plants

The world of moles has some unique green decorative plants that are low maitanance but can liven up the space. Some such plants are ferns



Tulips are Glitter God's favorite flower. That's mainly because he exclusively eats tulips. That's why tulips are very important in the wolrd of moles. Fairies usually take care of extensive tulip gardens, located in Fairy Gardens, and they use the tulips to decorate temples and bring them to Glitter God to eat.

Star Flower

Star Flower is a popular decorative plant, the only problem is that it is evil.


Golden Tree

Golden Trees only grow in Heaven. They are golden, with pink flowers and golden leaves that only grow a few times a year. They are harvested and made into money.