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Subspecies of Moles

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Mole People

Mole People

Moles people are the regular people that represent majority of population. To survive the apocalypse, pople have retreated underground and created a hybrid of humans, naked mole rat and human fish that would be better adapted to life underground. That's how mole people became new dominant species that survived to this day.



Fairies are similar ot regular mole people, but are also one part butterfly, or more rarely, a moth. They work for Glitter God as his messengers, take care of temples and flower gardens in Fairy Gardens. The most notable fairies in comic are Cereal Killer and Fairy Priest.



Freaks are common citizens of T@Ö#Ä3. They come with a viarety of unusual characteristics, from having upside down faces to disproportionate bodies in one way or the other.

Alien Hybrids

Alien Hybrid

No one know exactly how or why these exit, no one wants to know exactly how or why these exist. They are quite rare and only live in T@Ö#Ä3.

Bat People

Bat Person

While majotiy of people hid underground and became mole people, a smal group pof people hid in caves, where they became a hybrid of humans and bats, instead of moles.

Blank characters

Blank Character

Blank Character are characters that are still blank and ready to be used by Glitter God, who gives them personality and a face and puts them into the story. They may be spotted endlessly and aimlessly wandering Wasteland. After moles die, they may retun to the status of a blank character, called the damned. They are similar to regular blank characters, except they have their mouths and eyes sewn together.


Aliens live on a small planet near the world of moles. They have green skin and tentacles. They observe moles and regularly abduct them to learn more about them and their lifestyle. One of their "subjects" is Jure, to aliens also known as "Subject 3"